Été d'Iznik

The ceramics of Iznik are a combination of East and West, just like me. They are a synthesis of ceramic traditions from the Byzantine Empire, the Near-Eastern Islamic world and China.

The idea for this motif came to me after a visit to the National Renaissance Museum in Ecouen. This museum holds an exceptional collection of Iznik ceramics, most of which were collected by Auguste Salzmann, to whom I would like to pay tribute here. This 19th century French archaeologist was passionate about the Middle East and devoted a large part of his life to excavations on the island of Rhodes. Unfortunately, his research was of little interest to many people and his life ended in bankruptcy, forcing him to part with his collection of Iznik ceramics and sell it to the Cluny Museum.


The motif includes symbolic elements of Iznik earthenware, particularly those made during the reign of Soliman the Magnificent: scales, Buddha's lips, rosette, tulip, hyacinth, etc.

The presence of mermaids may be surprising at first, as the legendary fish-women are more closely related to Nordic mythology. In reality, they are hybrid creatures, a combination of East and West, Nordic siren, Greek triton and human swimmers.


38 x 42 cm (15 x 16.5 inches)

Volume 10 L

100% organic cotton (organic 100 label)

Available fabric colors:

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