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Treasures from Asian Armories

When Runjeet showed me his collection of ancient Indian weapons in Paris, I was immediately charmed by these beautiful works of art that really speak to me. Being Chinese origin, the civilizations of India and China having much in common, I see in these weapons the reflection of an Asian spirituality to which I am attached. These weapons, symbols of power and force, evoke at first sight an idea of masculinity. However, to look more closely, they are covered with many decorative motifs most often floral, evoking more femininity. This combination of masculine and feminine evokes the dualistic view of the world of Hindu sâmkhya or Taoist yin and yang. The warlike usefulness of the weapon is opposed by the poetry of its decoration, as if domination by the weapon finds its strength in a cosmic equilibrium.


Echoing the noble owners of such weapons, I wanted to represent characters in ceremonial clothes while evoking the male / female duality that was suggested to me by the weapons of the collection. This duality is expressed by a balance between male symbols (sun, Indian weapons, red color...) and feminine symbols (moons and stars, flowers, blue color...). The relatively present symmetry and repetitiveness suggest the ideas of antagonism and eternal cycles that are inherent in the dualism of the sâmkhya or the yin and yang.


The deities adorned with flamboyant attributes that face the repetitive fauna and flora include art and spirituality that can be a form of transcendence to escape its natural condition.


Dimensions des panneaux :

     • Double dragon : 246 x 305 cm (97 x 120 inches)

     • Knight : 168 x 244 cm (65.9 x 96 inches)

     • Divine couple : 412 x 244 cm (162 x 96 inches)

     • Goddess warrior : 246 x 305 cm (97 x 120 inches)

     • 4 angels : 204 x 244 cm (80.4 x 96 inches)

     • Toile de jouy d'orient : 65 cm wide rolls (25.6 inches)

Treasures from Asian Armories by Runjeet Singh – Asian Week New-York – The fuller Building – march 2019

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