Poème Persan

Verset céleste

This motif is inspired by the elegance of Persian poetry and the refinement of the miniatures that come with it. It combines narrative scenes that depict poems (such as Nizâmi de Gandjè's dazzling verses) with animal scenes that symbolize the decorative arts of Islam. These scenes take place in the woods, where humans and animals confront each other ferociously. The primal nature and individuality of most humans meet the complicity of animals, like a tale on human behavior.


Here we find the freedom of imagination, thirst for life, hedonism and love that are widely represented in the art of Islam.


Width : 60 cm (23.6 inches)

Pattern match : 84,6 cm (33.3 inches), straight match


Printed in France


Custom colors on demand


Print on demand. For a quote, contact by email (contact@dorianguo.com) or via the contact page.

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Artiste Décorateur

Poème persan - Verset céleste

Papier peint "Poème persan", colorisation "Verset céleste", design par Dorian Guo extrait 1/2